S.P.M. English School, Secondary, celebrated Children's Day on 14th November, 2017.  The school organised a 'Powada' performance by Mrs. Vinata Joshi.  The intention  was to make the students aware of India's historical past events through traditional folk art of Maharasthra i.e. Powada.


The students were welcomed by Miss Supriya Gadre, senior English teacher, who talked to the students about how childhood is the most important and exciting stage of ones life.  Mrs. Kavita Chandakkar, a senior Marathi teacher briefed the students about the traditional folk art - Powada.


Mrs. Vinata Joshi started the Powada by singing the oath which ws previously sung by the freedom fighter, Veer Savarkar.  She then sang the Powadas of the brave Queen Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi and the Lionhearted Tanaji Malusare.  The students too actively participated in the Powada singing.  After the Powada, some enthusiastic students participated in the cultural programme where in they put up various foot taping dances, sang songs and recited poems.  The students were then treated to a sumptuous lunch.  The studetns thoroughly enjoyed the programme.  It was organised by Mrs. Sudha Kulkarni, the Incharge principal of the school.


On 7th November, 2017, 'Students' Day' was celebrated in S.P.M. English School, Secondary.  An 'Essay Competition' and 'Poetry Recitation' was organised in the school.


The Students' Day is celebrated in memory of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar as this was the day when he first went to school in the year 1900.  An 'Essay Writing Competition' was conducted in both English and Marathi in which the students had to express their views on his work, life and his valuable thoughts.


The following students won the Marathi Essay Writing Competiton of std. VIII B.

1st        -                       Jui Bhate                               

2nd       -                       Shruti Mone                          

3rd        -                       Chinmayee Nagarkar          

Consolation 1st  -        Vedang Urade

Consolation 2nd -       Advay Argade

Consolation 3rd -        Manas Atawane



The following students won the English Essay Writing Competiton of std. VIII A.

1st           -                      Arnav Vaidya                        

2nd         -                      Aneeha D'Souza                  

3rd        -                       Avisha Moholkar      

Consolation 1st -        Rohan Kulkarni

Consolation 2nd -       Arya Thite

Consolation 3rd -        Megha Joshi


The students were awarded with a certificate.  The students of std. 9th recited Marathi poems in the assembly.  The poems were extremely thought-provoking and conveyed the message of optiomism and hope.


The following students recited the poems-

Riya Abhyankar

Soham Walimbe

Kapil Saluke

Tanaya Joshi

Mrunmayee Phatak

Amruta Kavatkar

Janhavi Nerlekar


On this occasion, Mrs. Kavita Chandakkar, Marathi teacher, expressed her views and gave the students an inspiration by narrating an incident from Dr. Ambedkar's life.  The programme was conducted under the guidance of our Head, Mrs. Sudha Kulkarni.






On 1st November, 2017, the students and staff of S.P.M. English School, Secondary, participated in 'Reading Inspiration Day'.  In order to honour late President, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, 15th October, his birthday, was commenrorated as 'Reading Inspiration Day'.


A further tribute was paid to Late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, as the students of std. 5th to 10th gathered in the school courtyard to induldge in their favourite book for half an hour.


It was encouraging to see the students enjoy their reading hour immersed in unforgettable characters.


The teaching and non-teaching staff also participated in this activity.

Annual Concert was celebrated on 9th Sept, 2017. Mrs. Sandhya Tankasale was the chief guest. Shri. Keshav vaze, chairman of school committee, Shri Omkar Deochakke, vice president of PTA graced the occasion. Various programs from the theme 'Myriad Moods' were depicted. Prize distribution was also conducted.

On 11th August, 2017, an address was made by the Police Commissioner, Rashmi Shukla, for the students in 'Lady Ramabai Hall' of S.P. College.  Our students of Std. VIII & IX attended the meeting.


The police department has introduced a new scheme called "Police Kaka".  Information about this scheme was given in the programme.


The first event was a play.  It was indeed humorous and showed how the scheme will be implemented.  Whenever somebody was being troubled he called the police and they came to help instantly.  This was presented by a number of examples.


The Police Commissioner, Rashmi Shukla, and some other authorities gave speeches about the importance of the scheme.  As per the scheme, a policeman will be appointed in each school and college in Pune.  In case of ragging or some misbehaviour, the students are supposed to contact the police and the police will handle the rest.


They said that from our childhood, we get kind of afraid by the mention of the word 'Police'.  But we have a close relation with our 'kaka' and we are not afraid of him at all.  Thus, the police authorities informed that they are just like our uncle and hence have coined the term 'Police Kaka'.  According to them, our future is in our hands and our security is in their hands. I am excited to see the implementation of the scheme.


Overall, it was a well organised, informative programme and conducted in an informal , light-hearted manner.




An inter-class solo dance competition was organised for the students of std VII and VIII on 09/08/17 in the Ruia hall.

21 students had participated in this competition. Even the boys showed a lot of enthusiasm to participate.

Srudents performed on both classical and western numbers.

            Mrs.Akansha Sindagi, a renowned Bharatnatyam teacher, was the judge. She highly appreciated the efforts taken by the students to perform such beautiful dances.






Shravani Joshi



Surabhi Kulkarni



Santoshi Kulkarni


Cons 1st

Diksha Pawar


Cons 2nd

Tanushree Borgaonkar



S.P.M. English School, Secondary, organised a 'Group Discussion  Competition' for the students of Std. IX on Saturday, 15.07.2017.


The aim of the competition was to facilitate an interactive session among the students, which would help to improve their thinking, listening and speaking skills.


The students were given various issues to discuss such as - 

Is Indian Culture Decaying?

Dignity of Labour

Is Reservation in Education Justified?

Should Exam be Banned upto Std. VIII ?


Each group was given 5 minutes to prepare for discussion on the chosen issue.  All the members of the group actively participated in the discussion and arrived at a conclusion related to the particular topic.


Mrs. Medha Pandit, the Headmistress of the school, judged the competition.  She appreciated the efforts taken by the participants who exhibited great confidence and command over the subject.  The competition was well organised by a senior teacher, Mrs. Shraddha Joshi.


The following winners were felicitate.

First Prize (Group)

1. Shweta Deshpande                   2. Amruta Kavatkar

3. Manas Avchat                            4. Sumedha Thaware

5. Tejomay Kopardekar


Best Speakers -

1st Prize -       Mrunmayee Phatak

2nd Prize -      Amruta Kavatkar

3rd Prize -       Aditi Phatak and Varad Atre


On 10th July, 2017, S.P.M. English School, Secondary, celebrated 'Guru Pournima' with great enthusiasm and honoured their beloved teachers. 


The students put up various classical and western dances, which mesmerised the audience.  Some girls from Std. V and VI exhibited their excellent gymnastic skills.  A Keertan in the form of a Jugalbandi  was performed by Ram Sumant from Std. VII and Hari Sumant from Std. X.  Std. X rocked the stage with their energetic dance.


Omkar Navalgundkar, through his speech, highlighted the importance of celebrating Guru Pournima and also expressed his heartfelt gratitude towards the teachers.  Mrs. Rita Kapoor, a teacher, expressed her views on how learning is a continuous process.  Mrs. Anita Kulkarni, a teacher, addressed the students about the importance of practical know-how along with theorotical knowledge.


Some of the Std. X students adopted the role of teachers and took a unit lesson of Science, Maths, English, History etc. in lower classes.  They were adjudged by their subject teachers who observed their lessons.  The winners were felicitated in the school assembly.


Std. X students under the guidance of the Headmistress, Mrs. Medha Pandit and a teacher, Mr. Anand Kulkarni, put in a lot of efforts to organise this programme, which was thoroughly enjoyed by one and all.


Vice Prefect

1.     Red House                -           Shalaka Dhavalikar

2.     Blue House               -           Aditya Vaidya

3.     Green House           -           Vedant Rawat

4.     Yellow House           -           Reva Joshi


1.     Red House                -           Shruti Mone

2.     Blue House               -           Rohan Kulkarni

3.     Green House           -           Diksha Pawar

4.     Yellow House           -           Madhur Vaidya

Students having full attendance for the academic year 2016-17 were felicitated on 1st July 2017. The chief guest was Mr. Ashok Vaze, chairman school committee. Three students expressed their thoughts regarding importance of regularity. One parent representative Mr. Argade also expressed his views. In his speech Mr. Vaze appreciated the school for organizing such programme. 38 students were felicitated by the chief guest. Certificates and small gifts were given as a token of appreciation. Refreshments were served and the programme was concluded.


International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21st June 2017 on S.P.College gymkhana ground. S.P. Mandali had organised this event for all the schools of its institute.