As a part of 'Hindi Diwas' celebration, S.P.M. English School, Secondary had organised a 'Story Telling Competition' in memory of Late Dr. H.S. Sane, the former principal of S.P. College on Saturday on 15th September, 2018.


Ten schools had participated in this competition and each school had sent two students who presented various stories written by Rabindranath Tagore, Munshi Premchand, Siyaramsharan Gupt and other famous authors.  The stories were humorous, emotional and philosophical.  These interesting stories were told with a lot of enthusiasm and confidence.  They helped in developing students' sensitivity.


The Actor & Creative Director of 'Swantantra Theatre', Miss Dhanashree Heblikar, was the judge for this competition.  She was extremely impressed with the students' performance.  She addressed them in the most encouraging manner and also gave them valuable tips about how they could improve their performance for better in future.


The following students won the laurels for their schools by securing a very good score.


Name of student

Name of school


Mihika Hiswankar

S.P.M. English School, Secondary


Soham Phadnis

S.P.M. English School, Secondary


Rutuparna Ranade

Muktangan English School


Bhargavi Sarode

Bal Shikshan Mandir English School


Kritika Hojage

N.M.V. Girls School


Aarya Phadnis

Jnana Prabodhini School

The sponsor of the competition was Mr. Shekhar Sane, who along with his mother, felicitated all the top performers and gave them cash prizes with the certificate.  The organisation of this competition went a long way in developing the students' interest in our national language.





A 'Group Discussion Competition' was conducted for the students of Std. X on 3rd August, 2018.


Thirty students participated in the competition.  They were divided into 6 teams each comprising 5 students.  They were assigned a topic 5 minutes in advance.


The various topics discussed were : 'Retirements Homes - Do advantages of living in them outweigh the disadvantages?', "Impact of social media on human behaviour and society', 'The role of a housewife is more important than the role of a working woman'.


The students came up with interesting arguments.  Each team was given 6 minutes for discussion at the end of which the group leader presented a summary of their  discussion.


The Judge, Miss Sanika Kulkarni, a final year student of Neuroscience at the Wesleyan University, Connecticut, U.S.A., was highly impressed with the confidence with which each group presented their views.


The students held their ground and sequentially presented their arguments.  Miss Sanika Kulkarni appreciated the entire competition, applauded every participant and reinforced the fact that team work counted the most.


It was indeed a delightful afternoon.

The following were adjudged as the best speakers depending on their initiative in introducing the topic and the conviction with which they spoke.


1. Mananki Kasture

2. Riddhi Sabane

3. Anaya Kulkarni and Pratik Kshirsagar.


The competition was co-ordinated by Miss Supriya Gadre


S.P.M. English School took an initiative in organising a Talk for the parents of Std. IX an X on 4th August, 2018.


Dr. Supriya Kurlekar, a Paediatrician, was invited as the guest speaker.  She gave various inputs to the parents regarding their role in helping their children develop own unique identity.  She shared her own experiences as a parent and cited many situations in which her response as a parent had made a lot of difference as far as the children's attitudes were to be formed or their personality was to be molded.


She elaborated upon the need to facilitate an informal communication between the children and the elders.  Her practical suggestions, her experience as a child counsellor and the much - needed tips for the parents of adolescents had a deep impact on the audience.   The parents appreciated the guidance that they received through this address.



On 27th July, 2018, S.P.M. English School students celebrated 'Guru Pournima' with great enthusiasm and heart - warming reverence for their teachers.


The students presented a cultural program of solo and group performances which included mono acts, poetry recitation and speeches.  Std. IX and X students rocked the stage with their melodious songs and energetic dances.


The organisation of a unique 'Quiz Competition' by the students was a surprise for all the teachers.  In all 12 teachers participated in the same.  The winning team comprising Mrs. Sudha Kulkarni, Mr. Sudhir Ambi and Mrs. Bharathi Karobu was crowned and felicitated.


The students expressed their respect to the teachers and honoured them with individual salutations.  Std. X students put on the robes of their teachers as they taught various subjects in lower classes.  Their teachers observed them and judged the following students as confident and effective teachers.


1. Mananki Kasture

2.  Mitali Gujarathi

3. Riya Abhyankar


All in all, the day, was marked by joy and high levels of energy.




The competitive world today demands that the students should be well-acquainted with the current affairs.  Quiz competitions play a key role in helping them to keep abreast of the information and knowledge.


With this end in view, S.P.M. English School, Secondary, had organised a 'General Knowledge Quiz Competition' for the students of Std. VII on 13.07.2018.


Five teams having four members each, participated in the competition.  Questions were asked on different subjects like language, maths, history, current affairs etc.  Visual round and Rapid Fire round were also included.


Students participated very enthusiastically and their performance was impressive indeed !


The winners were :

1.  Ameya Walvekar

2.  Anvay Bavdhankar

3.  Aarya Kanitkar

4.  Ameya Sathe


Hearty congratulations to the winning team !!



Memorization and recitation have been the central elements of education since ancient times.  The students learn to master the language and develop public speaking skills through such competitions.


With this in view, S.P.M. English School, Secondary, organised a 'Poetry Recitation Competition' on 04.07.2018 for students of Std. VI.  The boards with famous poets' names and competitions had been put up.


18 enthusiastic participants selected inspirational and humorous poems such as 'Exelsiar', 'The Cherry Tree', 'Candy Man' etc.  The students put in sincere efforts to recite the poem with apt voice modulation, effective expressions and clarity.


Mrs. Pronema Bagchi, Asst. Professor of Fergusson College, was the judge for this competition.  She was highly impressed by the presentation skills of the students and appreciated the students' confidence and enthusiasm.


The winners of this competition were :

1st         -           Vaishnavi Gulve

2nd        -           Riddhima Bapat

3rd         -           Lasya Pawar

Consolation - Arya Kulkarni


Mrs. Apoorva Satpute organised the competition very efficiently and enthusiastically.


Hearty Congratulations to all the winners !!



S.P.M. English School, Secondary, organised the 'On the Spot Speech Competition' for Std. X on 22.06.2018.  The aim of this competition was to provide a platform for the students to develop public-speaking ability, to think quickly and connect their thoughts on a given topic. 


A variety of topics such as 'Friendship', 'Advertisements', 'Holidays' etc. were given.  Students were given 5 minutes to prepare their speech.   The participants came up with creative ideas and expressed their ideas confidently.


Mrs. Bhamini Naik, a senior English teacher, graced the occasion as the judge for this competition.  She advised the students to read a lot and continue participating in various competitions to improve their oratory skills.


The winners of the competition were as follows :

1st        -           Mananki Kasture

2nd       -           Mitali Gujarathi

3rd        -           Mehul Avalaskar

Consolation - Anaya Kulkarni


On account of Gandhi Jayanti, the students took out a rally for 'Drive for Cleanliness'.


A special assembly was conducted to elaborate upon the cleanliness campaign and dignity of labour advocated by Mahatma Gandhi.


The peons of the school were felicitated for their services to maintain the school premises clean.  They were given a gift and sumptuous refreshments as a token of appreciation.



Vice Prefects

Yellow House

Aarya Joshi

Omkar Deshpande

Red House

Suyash Bapat

Radha Chitale

Blue House

Sarthak Nilangekar

Anuj Prabhune

Green House

Shravani Joshi

Jui Bhat

100% Attendance Felicitation

S.P.M. English School, Secondary, takes cognizance of all the students who strive to remain present throughout the year in school calendar.  The students are felicitated in the beginning of the academic year for their 100% attendance in school in the previous year 2017-18.  This year 39 students were honoured and awarded certificates for this achievement.  Their grandparents were invited to attend the function.


Mr. Manohar Thite, a grandfather, found this a unique idea and appreciated the school for organising interesting school activities, events and various competitions for students throughout the year.  He felt that this provided a big motivation to the students to attend school regularly.


Mrs. Rohini Pore and Mr. Chandrashekhar Bramhe, other grandparents, felicitated the students.  The school gave credit to the grandparents and parents who had inculcated the good habits of consistency and regularity among the students.  The talented students of S.P.M. presented a melodious song and a mono act and entertained the gathering.


Sumptuous refreshments were served to the students and invitees.  The programme concluded with an informal communication between the grandparents and the staff.