A 'Marathi Fair' was organised by Bal Shikshan Mandir on the occasion of 'Marathi Day' on 27th February, 2018.  Approximately 10 schools participated in the fair.  Various competitions such as 'On the Spot Essay Writing', 'Story Writing', 'Advertisement Writing' Quiz based on Marathi literature etc. was organised.


Few students from std. 6th to 8th from S.P.M. English School participated in this fair and brought lawrels to the schools.




Quiz on Marathi Literature

Urvi Prabhudesai (7th Std.)


On the Spot Marathi Essay Writing

Sanika Wagh

(9th Std.)


Play Reading

Ansh Arjunwadkar (6th)

Ram Sumant, Vedant Rawat, Urvi Prabhudesai (7th std.)

Mrunmayee Phatak (9th std.)


The winners were awarded two Marathi books.




S.P.M. English School, Secondary participated in 'Clean and Beautiful School Competition 2017-18' organized by Kirloskar Foundation.  S.P.M. is one of the schools known for its notable efforts in cleanliness and was honoured with the star grade.


The various criteria for choosing the winners were cleanliness of surroundings, clean classrooms, clear toilets, potable water, personal hygiene and different projects taken up for nurturing values of neatness.  The projects influded segregation of wet and dry garbage, composting etc.


On 26.02.2018, the school was felicitated with a certificate trophy and a cheque of Rs. 1000/- by the Managing Director, Hon. Mr. Khatri.


The school always promotes various activities and projects for cleanliness and conservation of environment.




17 students from std. VI & 10 students from std. VII from S.P.M. English School, Secondary, appeared for 'Kaprekar Jalad Adademode Spardha'.


Ameya Sathe, Yash Kalaskar, Rhia Nevgi from std. VI and Sharva Bhat, Durevesh Narkhede and Mahika Pagar from std. VII are selected for certificate.  (with more than 35 out of 50)


This exam is conducted by Pune Zilla Ganit Adhyapak Mandal every year.

'Pune Zilla Ganit Adhyapak Mandal' and 'Rotary Club of Pune Pride' had organised 'Ganit Olympiad', a Maths Quiz Competition.


The third round which was an 'Oral Quiz Competition' was conducted on 17th December, 2017.  About 100 students from various schools appeared for this Quiz. 


Out of which 34 students were selected for the 2nd round.  In all 7 students from S.P.M. English School, Secondary, were selected for the 2nd round, 3 from std. VIII and 4 from std. IX & X.  Advay Argade from std. VIII secured the 3rd rank in the second and the third round.  He was awarded a trophy, cash prize of Rs. 3,000/- and a certificate.


Geography Talent Search exam centre has been working to popularise geography among students.  Geography Talent Search exam centres are conducting exams and activities for all age groups.


This year the exam was conducted in S.P.M. English School, Secondary, in the month of November, 2017.  Total 113 students from std. V to X participated in this exam.


The achievers are as follows :






Gulave Vaishnavi



Wad Soham



Nilangekar Sarthak




2 students get selected for district level certificate.

1. Madhur Vaidya

2. Hrishikesh Walvekar

2 students get selected for district level certificate and second level i.e Ganit Prabhutva Spardha. Also received cash prize of Rs. 200/-

1. Advay Argade

2. Ketki Jalgi

Std V

Vaishnavi Gulave- district level certificate


S.P.M. English School, Secondary, organised a 'Marathi Story Telling Competition' for the students of std. V on Saturday, 13.01.2018.  Dr. Chandrahas Sonpethkar, Assistant Professor, Tilak College of Education, was invited as the Chief Guest for the competition.


The students narrated various stories like 'Andharat Kasa Chadhaycha Jina', 'Pach Botanchi Katha', 'Visarbholi Geeta', 'Char Bobdya','Maylek' etc.  Their confidence and enthusiasm was worth appreciating.


Dr. Chandrahas Sonpethkar in his speech admired all the participants for their effective narration and slection of stories.  He concluded his speech by narrating a wonderful stroy from vedic literature.


The competiton was orgasnised by Miss Manjiri Dhere, a Marathi teacher, under the guidance of Mrs. Sudha Kulkarni, the In-charge Principal.


Winners are as follows :

1st Prize -       Riddhima Bapat

2nd Prize -      Shriya Gadgil

3rd Prize -       Tanvi Jamadagni and Nakshatra Dinkar

Consolation - Suyash Ambi, Lasya Pawar, Gargee Kulkarni

Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaidayanik Competition


Some students from S.P.M. English School, Secondary, appeared for Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaidayanik Competition.  11 students out of 24 students from std. VI were selected for the second round i.e. the practical round. 


7 students out of 13 from std. IX were selected for the same.


The following students have brought laurels to S.P.M. as they were selected for the third round i.e. the Viva Round.


Std. VI - 1.  Jay Kelkar -                   50.2

              2.  Soham Wad -                48.9

              3.  Ameya Walvekar -        46.3


Std. IX -   Tejas Mhaiskar -              32.6



Asmi Vora, a student from S.P.M. English School, Secondary, of std. VIII is a promising basketball player.  Asmi was selected as the captain of Pune Basketball Team u-13  their team bagged the silver medal.  She then represented Maharashtra for the National Basketball Championship organised by the 'Indian Basketball Federation' held at Rajasthan, where the team won the bronze medal. 


Asmi was once again selected as the captain of the Maharashtra Basketbal Team u-14.  She represented Maharashtra at the National Basketball Championship organised by 'School Games Federation of India' at Chhatisgarh held from 9th November to 14th November, 2017.  Asmi was selected as the Team Captain out of 50 players from all over Maharashtra.  We are indeed very proud of Asmi.


Shreya Kulkarni and Aditya Chikaskar won 1st prize in  ‘Bharat ko Jano’ Quiz competition organized by Bharat Vikas Parishad.

Winners in junior group

Lasya Pawar (Std V)- 2nd Prize

Viashnavi Joshi (Std VI)- Consolation


Winners in Sr. Group

Aarya Jakhade (Std IX)- 1st prize

Sidharth Shinde ( Std X)- Consolation

Our students achieve success in SEED IT IDOL Jr. 2017 Quiz Competition

1. Advay Argade, Std VIII- secured 5th position in Top Ten

The other winners who secured medal of merit are:

1. Soham Walimbe – Std IX

2. Madhur Vaidya- Std VIII

3. Rohan Kulkarni- Std VIII

4. Hrishikesh Walvekar- Std VIII


S.P.M. English School pariticpated in an 'Interschool Group Discussion Competition' organsied by D.E.S. Secondary School.  The students of Std. IX and X were eligible to particpate in this competition.


In all 13 schools had participated.  The students were given topics on the spot and had to discuss on the given topic for 15 minutes.  Topics highlighting the current issues such as 'Should National Anthem be played in Cinema Halls?', 'Are mobile phones paralysing the minds of the youngsters?', 'Should Open Book Tests be included in the Board Examinations?' etc. were given to the students.


The students were addressed and guided by the judges of the competition.  They were told the importance of group discussion and how it is important to think about various aspects related to a particular topic.


Mananki Kasture, Anaya Kulkarni, Soham Walimbe, Shweta Deshpande and Mitali Gujarathi from Std. IX represented S.P.M. English School, Secondary, in this competition.  The 'Tejomay Rolling Trophy' was bagged by S.P.M. English School by securing the 1st rank.  Mananki Kasture was awarded a trophy and certificate for the 'Best Speaker'.


Kudos to all the Winners !


Planned Speech Competition was held on 22nd Aug, 2017 for std V . The winners are as follows:

1. Shrirang Mulay- 5B

2. Nakshatra Dinkar 5B

3. Sai Ghokhale 5B         

Consolation: Devesh Deshpande 5A

On the Spot Competition was held on 22nd Aug, 2017 for std VIII. The winners are as follows

1. Neha Joshi

2. Hrishikesh Walvekar

3. Ishita Bhagwat

Consolation: Madhur Vaidya, Avisha Moholkar

Dr. Shamrao Kalmadi Highschool, Ganeshnagar, Pune held interschool competition on 18th Aug, 2017. The results are as follows:-

Jr. Group

Urvi Prabhudesai- 1st rank solo singing

Sr. Group

Swanand Patil- 3rd rank solo table.

Aditi Pathak- 3rd rank solo singing

Prize distribution was graced by Swapnil Bandodakar on 19th Aug 2017.

Interschool poster making competition was organized by Muktangan Exploratory Science Centre, Kothrud on 10th Aug 2017

The winners are-

Jr. Group (std V to VII)- 1st prize Suyash Ambi, V A

Sr. Group (std VIII to X)- Consolation prize Reva Joshi, IX B

S.P.M. Secondary School hosted 'The Marcus Cato Inter-School Elocution Competition' for the 18th consecutive year on 22nd July' 2017.


This competition provides a stage for budding orators to develop their skills in Public Speaking.  Debates, Poetry Recitation and Book Reviews have been some of the themes for this competition in the past few years.


This year a 'Plannned Speech Competition' was organised.  16 schools participated in the competition.  The judge for the competition was Mrs. Shampa Chakravarthy, H.O.D, English Department, Modern College.  Mrs. Chakravarthy was impressed by the brilliant deliveries of the students, who chose from the given topics - 'Challenges faced by the Modern Man / Woman !', 'The World in 2117', 'What Needs to be Done to Help India to Emerge as the Superpower ?', ' A journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Small Step'.


In her speech, Mrs. Chakravarthy said that she was mesmerized by the content of the speeches and the hard work put in by the students to prepare such good speeches.  She also gave them valuable suggestion that they should prepare their own speech by using their creativity & original ideas.  They should not just depend on material obtained from the internet.


A cultural program consisting of a semi classical dance by Surabhi Kulkarni and Santoshi Kulkarni, followed by a medley of songs by Sanika Wagh, Adhishree Kulkarni, Nruta Shah & Isha Patwardhan stole the show.





The winners of the competition were -



Name of student

Name of school


Aditya Bhadekar

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Sulochana Natu Vidya Mandir


Mananki Kasture

S.P.M. English School, Secondary


Aditya Ramdasi

Millennium National School



Yashowardhan Bapat

Vikhe Patil Memorial School



It was indeed a memorable event.   


The program was co-ordinated by Miss Supriya Gadre with the guidance from Mrs. Medha Pandit, the headmistress.






Date: 27/7/17


1.     Avani Agashe

2.     Vaishnavi Joshi

Consolation- Arya Kanitkar


Winners Std VII

1.     Urvi Prabhudesai

2.     Ram Sumant

                Consolation- Aditya vaidya

Shreya Joshi                         VI B

Shriya Sardeshpande        VI A

Pranav Arankalle                VI B


Atharva Jagdale                  VI B

Avani Sathye                       VI A


Bio-energy Urja Utsav Quiz Competition held on 6th July at Bhimsen Joshi Sabhagrigha

1st  Prize-  Rohan Kulkarni, Mehul Avalaskar- 7,500/- Voucher

3rd Prize- Advay Argade, Hrishikesh Walvekar- 4500/- Voucher


1. Omkar Navalgundkar

2. Siddharth Shinde

3. Aditi Kulkarni



1. Tanisha Joshi

2. Shreya Kulkarni

Std Name Prize Rank
VIII Gujarathi Mitali State Level  15
VIII Walimbe Soham State Level  20
VIII Avalaskar Mehul Special  
VIII Gujarathi Janak Special  
VIII Joshi Siya Special  
VIII Kopardikar Tejomay Special  
VIII Patwardhan Vedant Special  
VIII Kshirsagar Pratik Consolation  
VIII Kulkarni Arundhati Consolation  
VIII Mhaiskar Tejas Consolation  
VIII Avchat Omkar Certificate  
IX Jagtap Raj State Level  17
IX Purandare Preeta State Level  20
IX Mahajan Anvita District Level 2
IX Kamthe Samruddhi District Level 3
IX Khaladkar Ketaki Special  
IX Kulkarni Shreya Special  
IX Panse Sharvari Special  
IX Joshi Jaai Consolation  
IX Khare Om Consolation  
IX Kulkarni Kaumudi Consolation  
IX Mahajan Isha Certificate  
IX Pise Aditya Certificate  
IX Shinde Siddharth Certificate  
IX Sumant Hari Certificate  
X Bhadsawale Rohan State Level  15
X Diwate Manasi District Level 3
X Gadhave Chinmay District Level 3
X Kulkarni Akash District Level 7
X Joshi Sumedh Special  
X Pendse Prachi Special  
X Ghan Yash Consolation  
X Mashalkar Varad Consolation  
X Katikar Devang Certificate  

The high school scholarship results for STD 5 and STD 8 have brought laurels for SPM.

66 students appeared from STD 5 and 29 students appeared from STD 8 this year.

Hard work, consistency and dedication on part of the students have contributed to these outstanding results.

The examination was conducted in March 2017. 16 students from class 5 and students from class 8 received a scholarship. We wish to congratulate the brilliant performance of the following students.

Std 5


Soham Wad



Hrishit Kulkarni



Jay Kelkar



Ishan Chine



Pranav Apte






Anushree Surve



Kaustubh Apte



Soham Kadam



Avani Agashe



Aarya Kanitkar



Pranav Arankalle



Aadit Mulgund



Jui Bhat



Aadi Chipalkatti



Apoorva Kulkarni



Std 8


Janak Gujarathi



Soham Walimbe



Tejas Mhaiskar



Mitali Gujarathi



Siya Joshi



Kapil Salunke



Riddhi Sabane



Mehul Avalaskar



Arundhati Kulkarni



Mrunmayee Phatak



Tejomay Kopardekar



Vedant Patwardhan



Dhruv Mirajkar



Omkar Avachat



Pratik Khirsagar



Amruta Kavatkar



Result 100%

Total Appeared 95

First Class -   16       Distiction-     79       Above 90-    34


1. Rama Sane 99.60%

2. Akash Kulkarni 99.20%

3. Rohan Bhadsawale  98.40%

4. Omkar Phadke         97.60%

    Aabha Pingale          97.60%

5. Vedashree Nilangekar  97.20%


Subject Wise Toppers

1. English 90/100   Pendse Prachi

2. Sanskrit 100/100          Sumedh Joshi

                                                Akash Kulkarni

3. Hindi/ German   92/100          Neel Adke

4. Marathi    91/100          Omkar Phadke

5. Maths       99/100         

            1) Vedang Kulkarni

            2) Aabha Pingale

            3) Sayali Gadre

            4) Sanket Deshpande

            5) Varad Mashalkar

            6) Landge Amey

            7) Adke Neel

            8) Gadhave Chinmay

6. Social Science 99/100  Tejas Deshpande

7. General Maths   95/100          Ansh Agarawal

8. Science     98/100

            1)Omkar Phadke

            2) Aabha Pingale

            3) Archit Devadhar

            4) rama sane

            5) Chinmay Gadhave

            6) Rohan Bhadsawale

            7) Amey Landge